The Team

Corle Huffman


 Corle Huffman professionally played both Mechwarrior: Dark Ages and World of Warcraft Miniatures, winning a National Championship, two Regional Championships, several international competitions, and placed 2nd and 3rd at both of his World Championship appearances. Corle is also passionate about education (holding a Masters in Fine Arts), and advocates for Game Theory in educational environments. Finally, Corle also loves bad puns. 

Nick Turchen


 Nick Turchen, owner of Black Key Games, is passionate about the entire gaming experience -- rules, components, box design, and strategy. He has organized local gaming groups for over 20 years, owns an embarrassing amount of board games, named his daughter after a video game character, and is a devoted Disney fanatic. Finally, Nick loves bad puns. 

Michelle Clancy


Michelle Clancy, or “Mishy” as the internet calls her, cries over fictional worlds and characters. A lot. More known in certain fandom circles, she’s just happy to be here trying to make a living from creating art. Or she’s drawing out of spite. Probably both. With a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts & Animation, she now finds more joy in illustrating pretty pictures but sometimes you can find her tabling at local comic/anime conventions or sharing her work online... all while repeatedly declaring her undying love to her lord and savior, Takashi Shirogane (Black Paladin of Voltron). If you’d like to give the ultimate support to our sleep-deprived artist, consider pledging to her Patreon where Black Key Games art sometimes gets revealed early!

Brandon Byler



I believe table top gaming to be the counterculture to all things that are unhealthy in the digital age. There is something about sitting around a table with friends and interacting with physical objects, compared to faces buried in cell phones and social media. I come from the area of Escondido, California, home of The Broken Token, Gaming on Grand and Black Key Games. With a friend from college, I started a gaming group in North County San Diego called “You’re Move” that swelled to over 100 members, most of which who don’t me after my attendance plummeted after having two wonderful children. I have recently designed an 80’s cop themed board game called “Code 3” which is being produced by BKG.

Matt Ruggiero


Matt Ruggiero designed his first board game, Bus Company, at the age of 9.  Shortly after, he contributed ideas to his brother’s board game, Hags and Geezers.  Both games achieved moderate success during Board Game Day in Matt’s third grade class.  Growing up, he enjoyed playing Risk and the MAD Magazine Game.  Matt was well into his adult years when he discovered that Parker Brothers was not the only board game publisher out there.  He was introduced to a game called Catan in 2006 and was immediately hooked.  Matt in turn introduced as many people to Catan as he could, including his friend Brandon Byler.  It didn’t take long for the student to become the master, as Brandon began introducing Matt and their friends to game after game after game.  Matt has been continually impressed by the evolution of board games and the innovation in game mechanics introduced through games like Dominion, Scythe, Pandemic, and T.I.M.E. Stories.  He has recently helped Brandon in the creation of the ‘80s cop-themed board game Code 3 published by Black Key Games.